Delta-9-THC Gummies 200mg-400mg

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    • 20 Gummies
    • 200mg Delta-9-THC per sachet (Double Strength are 400mg)
    • Made from the highest quality non-GMO hemp plants
    • 100% Organic; NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers use
    • Could support the upkeep of both physical and mental health*
    • May aid in sustaining a stable emotional condition and fostering feelings of calmness*
    • Might be beneficial in alleviating pain associated with regular daily workouts and movements*

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Glucose (Corn), Water, Gelatin; Less than 2% of: Tartaric Acid, Pectin; Less than 2% of: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC, Natural Flavor, Turmeric (Color)* Pineapple only, Color (Turmeric, Elderberry Juice)* Peach only, Elderberry Juice (Color)* Raspberry only, Vegetable Juice (Color)* Pink Lemonade only.


THC Dosage Guidelines & Important Guidance: Begin with a small portion (1/2 piece) to gauge your tolerance and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Effects may be delayed, so wait at least 2-3 hours before consuming additional gummies.

Keep in mind that the impact of various doses can vary significantly among individuals, influenced by factors such as body mass, metabolic rate, tolerance levels, and personal sensitivity. This table is intended as a general reference; individuals considering Delta-9-THC use are advised to seek advice from a medical professional first. Exercise caution, adhere to local legal stipulations, and consult a healthcare professional before commencing any new substance use, including Delta-9-THC.

Note: Individual reactions to dosages can significantly differ.

CAUTION: Bitola Organics Delta-9-THC Gummies is known for its strong effects and psychoactive capabilities, which may change perception, mood, and awareness. It contains Delta-9-THC, which could induce the euphoric feeling commonly linked with cannabis consumption. Restricted to individuals 21 years and older. Our high-potency, full-spectrum products are derived from hemp and adhere to the 2018 Farm Bill requirements. Certain limitations and restrictions may be in place. Sales are prohibited in areas where Delta-9 is illegal, including Arizona, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Verify your local regulations and laws prior to purchasing.

Bitola Organics products are independently HPLC tested in the USA.

Gummies may differ in appearance and size to those pictured above.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Don't work

Had 2 tonight, haven't felt anything. Will try more tomorrow and update if feel anything

Gummy bombs

These little gummies are the bomb taste great and work a treat a couple a day seriously helps me manage my chronic pain and I’ve stopped taking my opioids so win win no more nasty side effects from the opioids I was taking. So if you are like me and suffer from chronic pain I seriously recommend you give these little flavour bombs a try.

Good product

I do like the pineapple ones better but this one is good too . Helps me sleep so its great !


Better night’s sleep relaxing body and mind

Elle Crawford
Impressive product with super fast delivery to NSW AUS

I am a first time customer of Bitola and I am super impressed with the customer service, delivery speed and the quality of this product. I am new to the gummy world and was a little hesitant at first about purchasing online but I am very happy with the outcome. My personal experience was that I took half to start with and it took roughly 45 mins to kick in. I felt very chilled and relaxed but not zonked out. I took the other half a couple of hours later with no problems. I have a fairly high tolerance and the feeling it gave me was on par if not better than my usual way of consuming plus they are yummy!
For any Aussie friends reading this- YES, THIS IS LEGIT AND WILL TURN UP (I am in NSW)