Pawsitive Calm Organic Gummies

49.95 AUD

  • 10 Gummies per tub
  • 1 Gummy per 40kg of body weight
  • Full spectrum whole plant hemp extracted CBD oil
  • Natural Trace Mineral Concentrate Magnesium
  • Bacterial Fermented L-Tryptophan
  • Organic Australian Honey
  • Organic Beef Bone Broth
  • Organic Hemp oil

Discover our Organic Pawsitive Calm Gummies, thoughtfully crafted for your pet’s peace of mind. Infused with our signature full-spectrum CBD, nourishing bone broth, natural honey, and a special blend of bacterially fermented L-Tryptophan and mineral concentrate from the Great Salt Lake, these gummies are designed to soothe and relax. Each ingredient works in harmony to ease stress and help your pets manage anxiety with ease.

The gummies shown may not precisely reflect the size and appearance of the actual items. Being crafted with an emphasis on organic ingredients and without unnecessary additives, the product’s aesthetic may not be as polished. Committed to purity, our gummies are free from the artificial additives commonly found in other brands, which may affect their natural shelf life. To maintain their quality, refrigeration is recommended, as they are designed to be consumed within a month for optimal freshness.

Adjust the gummy dosage according to your animal’s body weight. For animals weighing less than 40kg, simply divide the gummy into appropriately smaller portions to match their weight requirement.

A full list of ingredients can be seen in the photo description above.

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